The Observer

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The Observer

Poem by Gil

How little did I know
The Eye of you and me
is watching carefully…
from beyond the city lights,
my every move
my clumsy efforts
to operate this awkward space suit
to mingle with the rest
in this peculiar custom dance.

How little did I know
the Heart of you and me
could never be broken!..
maintaining rhythmic touch
with the beating drum
of our ancient memory…

I felt your breath behind my neck
but I was too afraid to turn around
and face the nothingness of our gap

Perhaps I was afraid of something else,.?

How little did I know
the Soul of you and me
is drinking the nectar of our dreams,.,
from beyond the midnight sky…
weaving streams of understanding
fusing polar ends
to undivided flow…
leading me so surely
to my final test!..

How little did I know
the Spirit of you and me
is the alchemist of our experiment…
metamorphing light and darkness
in the laboratory of time
dancing with the mind bender..!
warping space
into isolated gardens
where tiny shreds, of you and me
are growing into flowers
comfort, for the lost,!.
striving towards the sunlight
recycled into dust.

I heard your voice behind my chest
but I was too afraid to close my eyes
so I don’t miss the turn,.

Perhaps I was afraid of something else.!?

How little did I know
the Now of you and me
is the invisible spine
between first cause and last effect…
polished by free will
my drill is sharper
than the drooling teeth
of the monger beast!
penetrating the layers
of accumulated old files
through moldy piled up indoctrinations
of lonely histories

Wiping the record clean
Blank Slate

I open my eyes inwardly
suspended in the pure silence
of our transparent being…
you are still watching me…
your gaze is stripping me naked
exposing me to my core!
We are looking at oneself..!

In the gravity of truth
we vanish into our open arms
transforming absence
into Presence…

In the heart of the unknown
we are regathered..!
watching the rising void
shining in a new brilliance…

Making yet
One of us

© Gil

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