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Mysterious Ways


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Mysterious Ways

Poem by Gil

I was drifting
like a dry, thin leaf
down from the highest tree
through space…
on a windy fall
in a far away forest

I was wondering
where will I land…?

the wind picked me up again
before touching the ground
uplifted me above the trees
closer to the clouds

I was leaping
to another sphere
I felt my stature shifting
that life will never be the same

Down on a path below
I saw a herd
those two legged creatures
walking in line
falling down the cliff
into the relentless dark valley

I have seen it before
I was wondering
why do they keep repeating that…?

a whisper came to my listening
from one of the falling herd
through space…
he was asking the wind
to uplift him above the trees
closer to the clouds
so he will not have
to pick up his pieces
and start all over again

A new feeling flooded me
yet, so ancient
I believe it was, Compassion…

In a blink of an eye
my heart reached out to his
and as far as I remember…

He never touched the ground…

© Gil

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