And The Truth Shall Set You Free


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And The Truth Shall Set You Free

Poem by Gil

When you will disolve
all your grips
in the holly furnace
through pure surrender,
then will come the fusion
of your broken limbs.

You will gaze through
your inner opening
and see…
that you could never lose
the burning flame
of our core spring fountain
of eternal innocence…

You will then abandon
the mere illusion
of our original sin.

When you will exhauste
all your faces
in the house of mirrors
through endless dreams,
then will come the meltdown
of all your masks.

You will penetrate through
the eyes of fear
and see…
that you could never fail
the golden peace
of our loving heart.

You will then awaken
to our endless beauty…

When you will collect
all your pieces
in the living void…
through real forgiveness,
then will come the breakdown
of your prison walls.

You will slide through
the portal of emptiness,
rise through the clouds of mystery,
shine in the brilliance
of a million suns…
and arrive, at our transparant,
ever-expanding clarity…

You will then rejoice
in the ancient future,
gathering wisdom…
of our all liberating

© Gil

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