“Life is having it’s value
not through calculated exchange
of external quantities,
but rather through
culminated interchange
of internal qualities.”


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There are currently 7+ Billion Souls incarnated on Earth…

This number surpasses any number of souls incarnated here at any given time, in the history of this planet, as we know it.

The reason being is the event that is taking place on earth, which is incomparable by any historical measure, for it is indeed a conclusion of an old era and a beginning of a new one, leading to a profound shift of consciousness and a living paradigm that has not been demonstrated on this planet thus far.

This is an opportunity not to be missed and therefore so many cosmic beings have made their way to this place to observe and participate in this miraculous event, which we are all a part of, and it intrigues some questions:

  • What is really going on here?
  • What does our future hold for us?
  • How do we align ourselves and attune to the new energies that are settling on our planet these days, to assist us in this profound shift that we are co-creating with our Beloved Source, our Planet and the universe at large?
  • How do we fulfill our highest purpose as spiritual beings in a human form, living on this planet at this time?

We each hold the answers to these questions within us…

And yet, our awakening is a process, not an act. A process which is certainly challenging yet remarkably rewarding.

Although we did experience in our history major cycles that redefined human achievement and reached impressive advancements in previous civilizations ‘in human terms’, still we did not discover the solutions that will unify our HUMAN FAMILY as a global civilization that Lives Together in Peace and Harmony.

From my experience and perspective, one of the key ingredients in moving to the next dimension, in an increasingly steady, smooth and sustainable manner is:

The Re-connection of the Individual
with the Source Within through
a direct, first hand experience,
and the Realization of our Core Self…

Therefore, all that I channel and translate into this sharing is flowing from, through and to this existential, unparalleled experience…
Humanity has been playing the away game on earth for long enough. 
It served its purpose, lessons learned, wisdom gained!
From this point on, if we do not change the game,
we are simply repeating the old past!…
The time has come…
Our ancient future HOME GAME is now knocking on our doors…
Calling us to open our portals and allow it to pour
into our human consciousness…
To flood the desert of illusion with the ocean of the REAL…
And transform our world from a closed, lonely island, in a three-dimensional universe, that is dreaming the dreams of separation…
Into an open center in the multidimensional universe, that is awakened to the reality of Our Divine Seamless Unity…

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