CoreSymphony ~ Gil



Supporting Your Individuated Process
of Spiritual Awakening & Activation,
Self Realization & Liberation.

Realign With Your Highest Purpose
And move into the New Era with Greater
Ease, Clarity & Self Empowerment

The Session is centered in
Energetic Transmissions of
Higher Vibrational Frequencies,
Held In The Presence

And Serves To:
Guide & Facilitate,
Inspire & Inform,
Nurture & Support You to
Access Your Core Consciousness.
I call it:

Core Transession Intent

by Gil | Click below to play


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The session’s purpose
is to guide you to
your access point into
your primordial, original,
authentic state of being,
which exists independently
of all the dramas that are played out
on the surface of the human stage,
and no matter how insane
it appears to show on the outside,
this inner being ALWAYS lives

Together, Forever, in Love™

And where it is not living
Together Forever in Love,
there is work to do…
until it is!
I call this the divine work.
The session thus supports you in
redirecting your life stream inwardly,
to soak in the liquid presence
of your inner being,
develop your higher senses
and accelerate the process
of clearing the old, past
accumulated layers of density,
which block and distort
your direct connection
with your true self,
and diminish your awareness
of the presence of the source
in the here and now.
It is designed
to help you realign with
Your Highest Purpose
as a Spiritual Being,
wearing a human vehicle,
living on Earth at this time,
so you can move into the
New Era with greater Ease,
Clarity & Self Empowerment.
It is a Transfer of Experience to Experience,
in a profoundly simple sensory-vibrational state,
which is completely independent of
our human mind-body consciousness,
yet includes it in a deeply meaningful
and highly purposeful process.
Opening a new space for you to redefine
the relationship with yourself,
with your family, with the universe,
with the divine fluid intelligence,
with The ONE that is ALL.
Inspiring you to become aware
of the presence of divine love
in your local here and now.
To reawaken to the Core Essence
of your unlimited self
and move towards
your own unique experience of
The Divine Oneness of All That IS,
The I AM that WE ALL ARE.
This profound relationship between
the individuated – personified consciousness,
and the collective – universal consciousness,
needs to be nurtured, supported and
brought into alignment, harmonization,
and ultimately into expression,
manifestation and experience in the
3 dimensional, physical domain on earth.
In the divine process we are
re-attuning and resensitizing to the
higher vibration of SOUL and re-anchoring
into the Core Vibration of our
all-inclusive coexistence:



My name is Gil and I Thank You for your interest in Core Transession.
I am here to share with you how this session was born and explain it’s intent and purpose, so that you may feel into it and see if you choose to explore it…

I have been on my Spiritual journey consciously in this lifetime for over 25 years. I have studied many different modalities, attended schools, seminars and workshops, practiced all types of disciplines and different forms of meditations, seeking the answers to my questions and longing to know the greater truth.

For years I had a thriving private practice, working full time as a teacher and a healer, sharing a holistic system I created (a fusion of martial arts, yoga, still and moving meditations, hands on healing and more), with significant results.

Through my journey I’ve had many remarkable spiritual experiences such as out of body travels, lucid dreams, altered states of mind and miraculous healings, to name a few, and yet something was missing, I was not satisfied, I knew there was more…

So I closed my business and moved from the big city into nature to go deeper… I kept studying with greater esoteric teachers, seeking for what I believed was possible, yet was so mysterious and hidden…

Until one day, several years ago, I have arrived at a moment of exhaustion!
I was absolutely fed up with everything…
I was done with learning, doing disciplines and searching…
I threw the book I was reading aside, I laid down and simply let go…

It Was A Moment of Surrender…

This was the profound moment when everything changed, as I had…

A Breakthrough Point of Penetration into
A Life Transforming Experience

This experience is indescribable and any attempt to capture it in words will fall

way short. I will just say that it was completely TRANSCENDENT to Anything and Everything I’ve experienced before.


instant I knew that I have found what I’ve been looking for all my life, as I was reawakened to my intimate relationship & direct communication with My Beloved Source and I began to Experience my True Self.

When I re-emerged to my human surface, all I wanted was to re-anchor myself in this experience with the willful intent to make it permanent in my life – to make it my life – for indeed I knew that… I HAVE FOUND MY TREASURE


After this experience I have spent hours every day in my inner world,
developing this divine relationship and deepening into it.

It is my ultimate, intimate love affair which I sometimes refer to as the “Playdate with my Beloved Source”.

Every time I access this state of consciousness, it teaches me something about the deeper meanings of life and as this divine process continued, I felt that it is… Breaking me free from within… Transforming my perspective… Cleansing my mind from old thought processes… Maturing me emotionally… And washing away my limitations….

This process was accompanied by a growing inner calling to share the AWARENESS of this Miraculous Relationship with anyone that is open to it… This time Not as a teacher or a healer, but simply as a caring brother, for I have been realizing that…

We are all destined
to meet our immortal self,
and that is The REVELATION:
The Self is The Source,
The Source is The Self
There is NO separation

And along the way, I received a Gift of Spirit:
A Transmission of Higher Energies & Vibrations,
with the inner guidance to share it in a form of a session;

This Was The Birth Of…




Yet we still move around in circles of limited belief systems and mis-perceptions, which keep our awareness confined to minuscule, fragmented parts of life.
To evolve our three dimensional physical existence from this point, requires an expansion of our Awareness to the Multidimensionality and Vastness of Who We Are
Developing the ability to differentiate between
what’s REAL and what’s illusory and doing what I call…
Replacing the false with the REAL…
Letting go of the old past false identity and
Giving Rise to the Ancient Future REAL identity now.

We began a new chapter as
a human family on Earth…

Leading to the most
profound transition
in the history of our world.
A shift of consciousness
that is raising our
vibrational frequency
above and beyond what
we have ever fathomed
in our human mind.


Remembering the
Power of the HEART,
it’s true meaning
and the important role
it plays in our awakening,
as spiritual beings
wearing a human suit.
The treasure that is
stored in our heart
was masked with thick,
rigid layers of immature,
unresolved emotions
from past experiences.
It was thus heavily
misunderstood, mis-perceived
and therefore underestimated
for long enough…

In the session

You will be guided to re-anchor your focus in the core of your heart, which is the core of your being, and use it as a portal through which you can enter, what I call:


  • Accelerating the activation of your spirit’s inner codes and applying your heart energetics – which hold the potency to RESOLVE ANY CHALLENGES you face in your human experience.
  • Producing a laser beam focus into your inner world, guiding you to find your access point into the Realms of the REAL, outside the Realms of illusion, and develop the ability to access it repeatedly AT WILL.
  • Moving beyond the misleading entertainment of the ego-mind, reaching underneath the limited programs of your human mental-emotional and biochemical closed circuits, into the open vastness of Your Inner Being, where you can find what I call: “THE MEETING PLACE” – the convergence point within you, where you can reconnect with the source directly and become a conscious co-creator with it in the world.
  • Encouraging you to find your ultimate master, the one that will never fail you: Your True Sovereign Self, and Become YOUR OWN MASTER TEACHER.  I call it: ‘Letting Go of The Baggage and Reclaiming Your Belongings’: Your True Power, Your Freedom, Your Sovereignty.
  • Supporting you to accelerate your process of self revelation and realization, empowering you to make a transition from the race of searching and seeking, to being in the flow of finding…

Regaining Your Divine Consciousness…

Reawakening to Your Immortal Self…

Stepping on The Path of Self Liberation…

Transforming Your Life…


The Session is Fusing
various elements into an ensemble of
Self Re-Creation & Transformation

It is a journey into self,
an adventure of exploration…

Revisiting & re-examining
the separated aspects of self
and entering the divine process
of self restoration,
of inner integration,
fusing these fragments into:


This is the transition
from the Path of followship,
which we were conditioned by
for millions of years,
to the Path of self leadership,
which we are moving into…


In a session I share with you

What I use in my own divine process.
All that I have collected on my spiritual path,
integrated with my latest most current discoveries,
developments and creations, as it is continuously expanding…

To provide you with as much information, guidance and tools as possible, for you to explore, experience and see what works for you with the most results and value, so you can benefit from it, not only in the time of the session itself, but also in the after effect, taking as much as you can with you to your private space-time, for further examination to enrich your spiritual practice and apply it in your daily life.

Always inspiring you to tap into your inner fountain of creativity, be innovative, create your own tools and become increasingly independent in your spiritual awakening and the weaving of your wisdom path of liberation.

The Elements, Exercises, Techniques and Tools shared in the session are designed to serve and assist you to reactivate and develop your innate spiritual capabilities and gifts, so you can put them into use for your own benefit and for the benefit of all.

Some sessions may focus only on one element, others may include several, some elements may be spontaneously discovered in the session itself… It is not a closed system, it is an open framework in a constant state of expansion…


Core Streams of Information

Guided Inner Processes

Spirit Invitations & Invocations

Energetic Transmissions of Higher Frequencies

Inner Breathing – Breath of Soul

Deep Inspirational Communications

Neutralization of Old Disturbing Energies

Shifting Perception

Divine Codes Activation

Suggested Tools for Exploration


  • Develop a greater understanding of your journey as an eternal soul in creation, how it relates to what is happening on earth these days, why is it so significant and your place in it as a co-creator within a context of the larger cosmic scale.
  • Develop your spiritual will – your ability to move inwardly through your heart portal, access the mysterious realms of your quantum self, outside of the grips and traps of the ego-mind and the human drama, and channel your heart energies to dissolve old accumulated, rigid, layers and blockages, to transform the past into wisdom and achieve emotional mastery.
  • Develop the ability to access the presence of the source within you – The Presence of Your Ever Living Being – soak in essence, establish your direct, personal, intimate relationship with it and bring it forth to your human domain.
  • Develop your higher senses of soul beyond your human five senses, your receptivity to the higher frequencies of spirit, re-sensitize your antenna, your vertical alignment and do your own transmissions of higher energies and vibrations, re-activating your inner vertical umbilical cord and channeling Core Vibrations into your physical domain.
  • Develop the contemplative mind… your ability to imagine and process more abstract concepts, ideas and paradigms, reawakening your higher mind and your soul memory… developing your holographic vision.
  • Develop the ability to simply breath the ocean of divine love into your heart and onto your environment. Become the presence of divine love wherever you are and replace the illusion of fear with the reality of love wherever you go. Develop that practice in your daily life and you are no longer a seeker of your highest purpose, you are now practicing it… You are now living it…

What I am sharing here is my vision
of a life of spirit in a human form

This session is not just another gift I share,
this is the session that I constantly do with myself,
with the one that is all, on a daily base.

This is my life’s work,
my experience, my practice, my purpose.
I dedicate myself to it – it is my life.

Although breakthroughs may occur in one session,
it is a process not an act.

It is for these who are ready and open
to make the ultimate liberating commitment
to live in spirit and it will always lead you inwardly,
assisting you in finding your inner teacher,
shifting more and more towards receiving information
directly from your higher intelligence
and becoming less and less reliant
on external sources for answers and solutions.


Every Element used in the session is a key ingredient in the service of revealing yet another facet of the greatest mystery of all:


Providing you with imperative nutrients and nourishment to help you remember the divine priceless treasure that you are, the beloved beautiful, immortal child of the source that you are. Nurturing you to bloom and blossom as the eternal, pure, loving soul that you are.

Fuse it with your human suit and express it in your human domain, to the best of your ability, in every given moment,
And Become Another Walking Miracle in our world.


Order a Session with Gil

The Private Session is the heart of my work, where I directly assist individuals with their own unique, spiritual process. Core Transession is a private, by appointment session, in which you will receive my direct, personal communication, transmissions and guidance. I facilitate it via online audio to help reduce image stimulated exchange and increase essence simultaneous interchange, using sound vibration of the voice as a connector.
  • General – Core Transession is available to all people interested in Spiritual Development and Self Discovery. The session does not represent any particular religion, spiritual school or earthly organization.
  • Requirements – The session’s length is an hour. It requires quiet, uninterrupted, private time and a comfortable sitting arrangement. It is advisable to allow yourself extra integration time afterwards.
  • Recordings – With the exception of technical glitches, I will provide a session recording. The recording is copyright and is for your personal use only.
  • Session Payments – See current session fees at the table below. Your payment will be processed via PAYPAL or STRIPE (your choice), both are trusted, secure Payment Processors. Session Fees may change at any time. All payments are final.
  • Scheduling – After ordering you will be guided to schedule the session and get access to the online meeting room. If you need to reschedule, please contact me up to 48 hours before the scheduled session.
  • Disclaimer – Core Transession is offering my personal sharing, spiritual nourishment and intuitive guidance. It is NOT a healing, a therapy or a reading session of any type. Core Transessions along with any tools, transmissions and guided inner processes offered are not promised or intended to take the place of medical, psychological, legal, financial or other advice or treatment where appropriate.

By ordering Core Transession with Gil, you agree to the terms above and accept full responsibility for your own wellness and decisions.

Session Fees

Group Session

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I will soon be offering group sessions. If you have an interest in getting notified when it becomes available, contact me.

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One on One Session

Fee: $100 USD
1 Hour Session Per Person

Everything I do in my work leads to this culminating moment.
The one on one session is the Core of my work for the empowerment and liberation of the individual.

4 Sessions Package

Fee: $350 USD
4 x 1 Hour Sessions Per Person, scheduled weekly

You SAVE $50

This package is for individuals who are ready for a 1 month intensive. Sessions will be scheduled at a frequency of 1 session per week for 4 consecutive weeks.

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I sincerely wish to make this session available to anyone who is interested. I am aware that some people who are committed to their spiritual work, may be experiencing temporary
financial challenges. If this is your situation, contact me personally and we will make it work.