The HEART is The Portal

Within each and everyone of us, the Individuated Core Consciousness, deep in the very core of our being, here is an opening.

This opening is the real face of our very soul.

It is the transparent, multi dimensional see-through vortex, through all dimensions of existence, that is stretched from the point of our origin, to the point of our destiny.

One of the simplest and most powerful ways to activate and greater understand this core code, is to:

Shift Our Center of Gravity to The HEART…

Open ourselves up, in and on…

To invite and invoke our heart’s miraculously intelligent, restoring and rejuvenating energies, to refill and re-hydrate our human vehicle and further onward transmit these transformative, liberating energetics, to our beautiful earth nature and beloved human family upon her…!


The Heart is The Portal Stream

by Gil | (2 min.) Click Below To Listen:

“The HEART is the multidimensional funnel of intelligence through which the source pours it’s Divine Love to all living beings across all dimensions of the multiverse at large.


The HEART ENERGETICS then, are the WINGS, For-given to Spirit by the Source, enabling it to fly through all existence, as the Divine Orchestrator of the Symphony of all Symphonies, as the Ultimate Alchemist of the Experiment of all Experiments – The Miraculous Process of Expansion, Evolution, Transformation, Diversification, Multiplication & Restoration into The DIVINE REUNION, again


The Heart is the CENTER of GRAVITY in which the Culture of Souls is anchored, from which the Family of Spirits is springing to explore the universe, to dance in the fields of the Multiverse – Formless & Form-full, Purposeless & Purposeful, Non-Physical & Physical, Eternal & Temporal, REAL & Illusory at once.


Ever Revealing yet another mystery of THE ONE THAT IS ALL – THE ALL THAT ARE ONE, the in and ongoing celebration of the unstoppable, unexplainable, inevitable, unending adventure called LIFE.”



Below you will find a guided inner process for your exploration, designed to assist you in moving through your heart portal. 

Every tool, exercise or technique that is shared here, is a suggested open framework only. Most importantly, follow your own inner guidance and create your own tools.

I extend my inmost blessings to You, Beloved One

From My Core To Yours,



Guided Inner Process: Moving Through The Portal

by Gil | (8 min.) Click Below To Listen:

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