EARTHEART - Earth & Heart -
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Is it by chance that the two words for Earth and Heart are made out of the same exact letters in different order?…


If we deeper feel and contemplate this symbol we may find in it a core code to advance our understanding of the origin and destiny of Mama Earth Nature, the Human Family upon her and the major roll the Heart plays in this magnificent event that is taking place here… Now… The unparalleled opportunity it provides for each of us individually – personally, and all of us collectively – universally… as observers and participants in this cosmic co-creation…

Each and every individual is blessed with the Freedom of Choice…
To make the transition, reconnect, re-synchronize and resonate with the new energies that have been settling on our planet these days, add onto them our unique energetic contributions flowing through our Heart Centers… And enjoy the far reaching implications and results of this divine collaboration, and the profoundly rare impact it has on our spiritual growth… as Immortal Souls moving through the phenomenal corridors of the human experience on earth,.,


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It is a new Dawn…
The EARTHEART is Opening to Host
A new intelligence…
Our One and only
Ever-expanding COREALITY
is redressing itself
with our transforming world
Reinventing it a new

From this dimensional convergence
We rise together
Shining in a new light…
Joining our voices
In a new ensemble
Singing a new extended version
of our innermost ancient song of songs

The Being of Wholeness is listening
Sharing the new sound
Equally… Among All…
Life will never be the same..!

Beloved One

E   A    R    T     H    E    A    R    T



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