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I extend my deepest gratitude to each of you who took the time to connect and express your appreciation for this work. I am moved and honored to receive your feedback.
Thank You From The Core of My Heart.
I Am Blessed to Have You Here!

Together Forever, inLove™,


Appreciation Notes:

Dearest Gil,
Thank you so much for listening to your heart, for following your heart so that you can share the wisdom of heart with us. Your words resonated so with my heart, and my being cried. Yes!
Here is Truth!
Here is Love!
Here is Home!
Infinite Love,

Norma Moll


Gil’s voice is very soothing – you can hear the heart connection within it, and the thoughtfulness of his being.
On the idea of time: the linear, horizontal and vertical aspects, as Gil described it, really resonated within me. It gave me a framework (if you will) to understanding the phenomenon of time/no time and having words to share these ideas. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences of the Real.

Mary Vaananen

[Re: Interview]

Thank you Gil for your beautiful and timely words that can help so many of us awaken. Your voice is like water in a desert, precious and sorely needed.

Susan Stavis


This is most inspiring conversation in my life Blessing love joy


[Re: Interview]

Thank you so much for your teaching and sharing your experiences. I am very grateful for this opportunity to listen to you and Andrew and for your website.
With Love,

Zdenka Sharp

[Re: Interview]

Since I get discouraged when meditating, the listening to my breath and then experiencing a vibration is the reason for me to join.

Thank you for giving me back hope.


Irene Radke

[Re: Interview]

Your appreciation for the heart is truly inspiring. These conversations where a beautiful reminder for me… Much Love

Pania Aspinall

[Re: Interview]

It is so very nice to be here in a co-creative space with Gil.

Lynne Marchetti

[Re: The Soulful Human]

Inspiring, beautiful. Your words set up a resonance of peace and love. A picture is painted. A symphony is set in motion.

Please write more. Thank you!



You-re message is of Divine Inspiration and much needed by and for humanity.

You-re words are uplifting and invigorating for the Heart.

Thank You and be Blessed always.



Thank you, thank you, thank you! The words and the energies behind, in, and emanating from them are simply…Divine! All My Love to this Beautiful Family! <3


It was great to hear your soothing voice Gil, I missed it.

All the best.

[Re: Interview]

Lovely to have joined in your guided meditation this evening, on the webinar with Andrew & friends … to use your delightful word, Gil, we “trance-send”ed together, and I want to thank you… Peace, my friend ♥ Linnet

Linnet Kerr

[Re: Interview]

Reading this aloud is an act of empowerment. thank you so much for this, i will work to

memorize this one!


Daniel Gómez

[Re: Art]

I would just like to thank both Gil and Andrew for these two interviews you have lovingly provided for everyone. While I may not mentally understand the message at this moment in time I feel it in the soft sacred space in my eternal heart where the harmonics of your voices bathed me in Divine Love ,Divine Light, and Divine Sound.
Together , Forever, inLove~


[Re: Interview]

Thank you Andrew and Gil! Very deep and beautiful!

Mariana Alizotova

[Re: Interview]

Wonderful to hear your voice again on Andrews introduction to the mystery school webinar and thank you so much for your meditation. It made me feel quite calm and serene <3

Maria Bennani

[Re: Interview]

Well I’m glad that you, Sons of the Light, are starting this forum because we need to work together. Bringing like minds, with creative solutions, together, and focusing our energies together, towards a better experience, is what is most beneficial in the present day. Unveiling those secrets of how our thoughts, how our minds work, so others can experiment and experience for themselves, and grow, is just the best thing that I can think of which creates the most exquisite living condition and future. I send my love.


[Re: The Soulful Human]


Austin Shannon

[Re: Art]

blessings abound coming in and going round
sharing our dew is what we do I Love You, I thank You
Love and Joy and Laughter for all ever after.

Gil, so soothing , so pure , filled with Love
thank you for this beautiful opportunity to co~create in Love
sincerely , verily

nicole de jager north


I not only thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful insights shared but also the practical information.


So sacred, soothing and beautiful. Thank you. Love

Trusty Warbles


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