CoreSymphony - An Open Framework for Spiritual Awakening

Creative Open Framework For Self Liberation.
Spiritual Nurturing For Humanity’s Awakening.


The Past is Old. The Future is Ancient.

by Gil | Click Below To Listen. Scroll Down To Read.

The Past is Old. The Future is Ancient.
In Our Ancient Future - We All Live

Together, Forever, inLove™

This Is Our Divine Insurance
Our True Freedom
Our Sovereignty


CoreSymphony is a creative open framework, designed to assist in the long prophesied Shift Of Consciousness that is transitioning us into a new level of Intelligence and Vibrational Frequency.

Restoring the shattered mirror of separation, into a pure mirror which will wholistically reflect our REAL all inclusive Essence.

To rediscover & re-establish a covenant, which is ancient & unbreakable, the core spring fountain of our life, the priceless treasure of our primordial, original, authentic state of inmost being, in which…


Together, Forever, InLove™

This State Of Togetherness
Is Available
To Everyone
At Every Moment,
With NO Exception

My name is Gil and it is my intent & purpose to collaborate in this refreshing new adventure. To give my support and nurturing to our human family, in this magnificent transformation that is occurring, which will redefine our world and reinvent it anew.

Providing streams of information, inspirational art forms and experiential practices to help reveal our true nature, to explore our multidimensional consciousness, reconnect with our real self and invite our COREALITY to expand and redress itself with our human on Earth.

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